SHIP REVIEW | SH Vega – New Polar Expedition Build Joins Swan Hellenic Fleet

British cruise line Swan Hellenic recently took delivery of a new nine-deck polar expedition ship built by Finland’s Helsinki Shipyard.

SH Vega is the second ship in a series to be built for Swan Hellenic. The lead ship of the class, SH Minervawas delivered by Helsinki Shipyard in December 2021.

Photo: van Vliet

The Lloyd’s Register listed new build has a length of 113 meters, a beam of 20.2 meters, a maximum draft of 5.45 meters, 76 single cabins and suites that can accommodate 152 guests and 73 cabins for the 120 crew members. ‘crew. All suites have a separate living room and bedroom, while all guest cabins are exterior facing and equipped with wardrobes and spacious bathrooms.

Photo: Hellenic Swan

A cruising speed of 14.5 knots and a range of 8,000 nautical miles – a maximum of 40 days – can be achieved thanks to a total installed power of 4.6 MW thanks to four medium-speed diesel-electric engines. The vessel also incorporates an ice-reinforced PC5 hull combined with large outriggers to ensure greater comfort on extended voyages.

The main engines are equipped with an exhaust gas cleaning system while the vessel itself has advanced cleaning and storage facilities for sewage, waste and waste oil necessary for operation in polar areas sensitive.

Photo: Hellenic Swan

The ship has also been provided with space for batteries that can use propeller-driven electric motors to move at low speeds and quietly. This will allow it to proceed in waters of ecologically sensitive natural areas with minimal disturbance.

Onboard facilities include an expedition laboratory, a library for studying marine life, a gym, a spa with sauna, a restaurant, lounges and a swimming pool with bars. There is also space to store kayaks, hiking gear, and other expedition gear for guest use.

Photo: Kristjansson

SH Vega made its maiden operational voyage in July 2022. The ship departed Tromso, Norway and completed an 11-day Arctic cruise, including stops in the Svalbard Archipelago. Future itineraries will also include Western Europe, the Canary Islands, West Africa and Antarctica.

SH Vega
Vessel type: expedition cruise ship
Classification: Lloyd’s Register
Flag: Panama
Owner: Hellenic Swan, UK
Manufacturer: Helsinki Shipyard, Finland
Total length: 113 meters
Shine: 20.2 meters
Disorganized: 5.45 meters
Other equipment installed: Exhaust gas cleaning system
Fuel Type: Diesel
Lodging: 76 x guest cabins; 73 x crew cabins; expedition laboratory; library; Gym; spa; restaurant; lounges; bowl; expedition launch room
Crew: 120
Passengers: 152