Tulsi Gabbard campaigns with Republican Yesli Vega in Virginia

Former U.S. Representative Tulsi Gabbard campaigned alongside Republican House candidate Yesli Vega on Saturday, continuing her streak of promoting GOP candidates in elections this election cycle.

Ms Gabbard, who recently announced her departure from the Democratic Party, joined Ms Vega at a rally to secure the vote less than three weeks before Election Day where the candidate will face Democratic Rep. Abigail Spanberger.

The Virginia Democratic Party was quick to seize on Ms Gabbard’s appearance, calling her “Putin’s sycophant” and a “notorious homophobe”.

“There’s a reason Russian propaganda and state media love Tulsi Gabbard: it’s a sham. And surprisingly, Yesli Vega’s loyalty rests with this Putin sympathizer and anti-LGBTQ extremist,” reads a tweet from the party.

Ms. Gabbard fought for Republicans across the country, criticizing Democrats for promoting endless wars and a “woke” ideology.

“Every time the leadership of the Democratic Party sees someone who challenges their narrative, questions the policies they are proposing, rather than just saying ‘you know what, I disagree with her and here are the reasons why, “instead, they’re adopting these dirty, destroy, cancel, use Big Tech tactics to censor because they don’t stand up for freedom,” Ms. Gabbard said on “The Megyn Kelly Show.”

Ms. Gabbard has also made appearances with Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, New Hampshire Senate candidate Don Bolduc and will-be House candidate Joe Kent in Washington state.

She will also appear alongside Republican Tudor Dixon in Michigan, who is challenging Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer in her bid for re-election.